quinta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2016


He did it again! My Lord and Savior – revealed Himself to me as my SUFFICIENCY!!!!!!

            On Monday night, into the wee hours of the night, my husband’s cell phone “dang” 2 or 3 times waking me up. It was around 4:00 AM. Sometimes the Lord does that and He brings me people to mind so I can pray for them. This time, though, I started thinking of different things and a negative thought came to mind. It was a thought of doubt and questioning (once again) where is my Plexus business going. I am “still” sitting on Silver since I got back on track in January! I have shared Plexus with so many people.

            I have to say that just this past two week the Lord gave me one new ambassador (and she’s one that I believe is a potential Rock Star) and one new Preferred Customer (who I also believe to have great potential and is on my dream team).

            But in that moment, where the doubts creeped back up, I started praying and asking the Lord again about my business. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was just laying quietly on my side of the bed so that I wouldn’t wake my husband up.

            We got up around 6:30, did our morning routine (breakfast, clean up the kitchen, get ready for the day, pray together, etc). This time I also decided not to say anything to my husband (I usually do) because I didn’t want to “voice” those negative feelings. I decided I would keep praying and pushing through the day.

            My Mother and I went to a Bible Study with some of my church friends. It was good! Good to see those friends and know that for the next 7 weeks God will be speaking to us on the area of forgiveness. Good to know that I have friends who are serious about seeking the Lord and wanting healing for their lives, like I want it for my life!

            Came home, had lunch and worked on my business for most of the afternoon.

            In the evening there was another Women’s Church Gathering (“coincidence”). On a friend's lawn. God used a friend’s testimony to bring the issue of “Is Jesus my sufficiency or is it something else?” The friend who shared a powerful testimony asked us this question: are you expecting something to happen and believing that THAT is what you need? What do you really need?

            Came back home and had a Zoom meeting to participate in and do a little portion on Product Overview. I had prepared myself that afternoon, but always had a sense that I hadn’t prepared enough. The meeting was good, I shared my small portion and felt like I hadn’t really succeeded in that. I had only done a little of what my sponsor had asked me to do. Feeling like I could’ve done better. But, I didn’t dwell in that. I moved on. Got ready for bed, went to bed and had a fairly good night’s sleep, but woke up early praying and asking God those same questions.

            Wednesday morning comes and I set out to push through one more day. One more beautiful day that I did not have to “go to work”, but I had the privilege of “staying at work”! I worked for about an hour on my desk, in my temporary office. Then, I dropped my husband off at Lowes (his daily activity since we started this basement renovation project, LOL). I took my Mom to the Farmer’s Market in town and to Aldi (one of my favorite stores). Came home, had lunch with my husband, my Mom, my daughter and a friend who came to help bring sheet rock from the store in his big truck.

            Another friend came over to share and pray at 2:00 PM. I’ve been encouraging her to “trust” in the Lord. So, every time we come together to pray (because she needs the extra encouragement) I also get to be encouraged on my “trusting the Lord” issue. After she left I set at my desk again, and worked away – pushing through any questions, doubts and fears. A feeling of – I really don’t see how my business will grow unless the Lord intervenes, so I’ll keep doing what I know what to do and maybe a little more. Then, around 4:30PM I get an email saying that my friend (my newest Ambassador) had signed up a person. I rejoiced! 2 minutes later, I get another email saying that she had signed up a second person. I double rejoiced!

            My husband comes back from his errands, works in cleaning the trash from the basement and we eat a light dinner (our preference) and go to our Community Group. We are the leaders, but we meet at another family’s house. We have some 6 families with small children, 2 older couples (including us), 1 new couple, 2 singles and 1 widow - a great mixture of people of different ages who come together and spur each other on, pray for each other and worship the Lord together. So, last night the Lord surprised us again! The Holy Spirit led us to talk about our “Passion for the Lord”. We were asked “How passionate are we for Him?” And, after trying to “gage” that passion, “what are we going to do about it?”

            After worshipping and praying, we had our usual fellowship time around the kitchen counter with a few goodies. The 13 kids were running around, up and down the stairs, being kids, being a joy, having fun and we adults were sharing our lives with each other. Loving on one another!

            Got in the car to go back home and see a message on our “Hope Sisters” chat group. My sponsor asks me if my friend had signed up a third person? I checked my emails and sure enough, she got a third Ambassador! Wow! I overflowed with joy and gratitude! Only God can do such a thing! Only He can surprise me like that! Only He! He is my sufficiency! He is my all in all!

            My feeling at this moment is: I’m humbled before my God who is faithful! He has promised He is going to bless me so that I can bless others. It might take a while because He is teaching me valuable lessons and molding me. He’s making me to be a diamond. A diamond is not formed overnight. It takes time, heat and pressure. So, I will continue to enjoy the journey with my God, my All-sufficient God!

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