segunda-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2015

Suffering from severe pain?

Yesterday, at church, during the message (which was an opening to the few months study on the Sermon on the Mount) the preacher read Matthew 4:17 and I kept on reading the rest of the chapter to myself. Then, I came to this portion which spoke to me tremendously:

“Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed; and he healed them.” Matthew 4:23-24

I started meditating about how Jesus PREACHED the good news of the kingdom, but he went on HEALING EVERY DISEASE AND SICKNESS! He was not only concerned that people would “get it” (the Kingdom of God), but also that their bodies would be healed so that they could live IT out!

People were brought to Him so that He could heal them. What types of diseases did he heal? Here is the list:

1.    Those suffering severe pain,
2.    The demon-possessed,
3.    Those having seizures,
 4.    And the paralyzed.

Wow! I was amazed at what God was speaking to me and revealing to me right then! I was amazed because I know several people who suffer from SEVERE PAIN! I have so many friends who struggle with Fybromialgia, RSD, migraines and such!

Demon-possessed? Well, we don’t run into to those people too often these days. Although, I will have to tell you that when we moved to Green Bay, WI, back in 1991 (from Brazil), my husband and I thought we would not have to deal with that in WI, since this was America. We had had enough of those experiences in Brazil where there is plenty of spiritism going on. Little did we know that God was going to bring an army of people who needed deliverance from Satan and his demons. Nevertheless, these days, here in TN, we haven’t encountered any really “demon-possessed”, although I see MANY who are totally “dominated” by the power of darkness. And, I’m not talking about only those who don’t know Christ, I’m talking about “Christians” who are so deceived in so many ways. They think they are saved and that’s it!

Those having seizures! I do have a few friends who suffer from seizures, epilepsy, and other problems like that! Those problems that defy medical science and the doctors. Those problems that we really don’t know what to do except to give people the strong medications to control their symptoms.

And, finally, he mentions the paralyzed. I see two categories here: the physically paralyzed because of diseases that led them to be that way. And I also saw the emotionally paralyzed – those who because of fear, neurosis and other pathologies find themselves “stuck” in life!

The GOOD NEWS? Jesus STILL has the power to heal all of the above! The Good News? The Kingdom of God has to be preached as it is in the Word of God! And, after preaching the Kingdom of God we, so-called Christians, need to pray that people will be healed! The physical and emotional healing goes hand-in-hand with the spiritual healing! It is our responsibility as Christians to preach a wholesome and holistic Gospel.

I am ready to do just what God tells me to do. How about you, my friend? I’m talking to my Christian friends!

Please, feel free to respond to this blog! I love exchanging thoughts, ideas, impressions and “revelations”!