segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2014


Last night I had a personal struggle right before I went to bed! The thought came to my mind that I’m not going anywhere with Plexus! I got a little discouraged. But, decided to just PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! I asked the Lord to renew me overnight. And, wouldn’t you know it, He did just that! We woke up with Bruce’s cell phone ringing. It was our son asking us to look for something that he might’ve left at our house. I started praying for him, that he would find that special thing. I also started praying that God would renew my faith, stregthen my faith, renew my joy. He did that almost immediately! Wow!
We went to the kitchen (Bruce and I) like we do every morning. We prepared breakfast together, ate it together, talked, planned our week (a little bit), prayed together (as we do EVERY morning), and started our day. He went on to do his things and I my things.

As I meditate on the word of God and in God’s presence in my life this morning, I just have SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!  23 years of marriage is almost an “antique item” these days! I know that! I know that for a fact. When I talk to different people, like with my teenage students (back in Brazil) – they were very amazed that we had been married for 20 years (back then). Their experiences? Their parents have been long divorced and they switch homes every so often. They also do great international trips and have the latest in technology, clothes and schools - as their parents can afford. Still, they lack a sense of peace, organization, good self-esteem and many other things. I feel very sad when I meet those types of teens! Oh, and many of the adult students also had broken families and had many struggles! I felt for them, also.
Anyway, Bruce and I are NOT perfect, by any stretch of your imagination (although we look pretty cute together, ha!) Believe me! We have struggles like any other couples. We deal with our own weaknesses on a daily basis. I used to say that I am blessed because I got the “better Bruce”, ha! Bruce’s first wife had the biggest job of “breaking him.” Ha! Myself? Oh, I also came into this relationship with some baggage. I had to deal with some deep hurt from my upbringing. I had to be healed of insecurities and fears. I remember it took good part of the first 3 years of our marriage for me to have peace and know that this relationship was secure in God and that nothing could break it.

I have had encouragement when I see other great friends developing their marriage relationships and growing strong in them. It does NOT come from us, friends! It is all because of the grace of God and the power of His Holy Spirit that we can have a strong marriage! There are also many things that we learn as we go. Many little details that we learn to do on a daily basis.

My friend, Elizabeth Ours, wrote about this on her Blog post this morning and I am copying her last paragraph: “Like football, marriage is about more than just the "big plays."  It's about systematically moving the ball down field a few yards at a time, achieving "first downs" all along the way, until you finally score. If your husband is a big football fan, you might find that your showing interest in the game earns you a "first down" in his eyes.  Who knows, you may even score a "touchdown?"  ;)
Thank you, Elizabeth Ours! Thank you Elizabeth Malcolm! Thank you Rebbecca Sherrick! Thank you Mom Marisa Rodrigues! Thank you, all Christian friends who have fought for your marriages! Thank you, God, for enabling us to have a fulfilling life here on earth while we await to live with you for eternity! Neide Colson


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