quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2014


How I look forward to Jonathan’s and Sarah’s wedding!
Only 4 months away. It will be a great time of celebration!
We will celebrate life!
We will celebrate family!
We will celebrate God, most of all!
We are hoping to have all the family here!
It’s been a while since we had everybody together.
Six years ago when Kim had cancer
We all rallied together to help the Shades.
We went through “cancer” together.

We have been there for each one of their weddings.
First, Tammy & Marcos’,

Then, Kim & Jim’s,

Finally, Heidi & Brandon’s.

Now we eagerly expect for Jonathan & Sarah’s wedding.
And we prayerfully await for Victoria’s future husband and wedding!
My heart cannot express the joy for Jonathan and Sarah.
My heart cannot cry out in joy for the blessings on our family.
My heart CANNOT fathom all the joy!

Neide Colson.

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