terça-feira, 5 de agosto de 2014

Baffled I Am!

If God is the giver of life,
If God is the One who has the right to also take life,
We should accept when He gives and when He takes.

If God is the Sovereign God,
We should let Him decide how many children we will have.
We should also accept when He decides to take a loved one from us.

If God is our Lord,
Why do we question Him with His decisions?
If God is our Savior,
Why don’t we accept His salvation and deliverance?
If God is our Creator,
Why do we question His designs so much?
Baffled I am with the way we act and react
To God’s design, salvation and decisions.
Baffled I am with the way we take our lives into our own hands
After we have made a decision to “follow” Him.
Baffled I am!
Neide Colson


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