terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2014


Today I worked for another half an hour in the morning! Wow! The more weeding the more weeds there seems to be! What’s up with that?

One of my first thoughts as I started weeding was actually my good friend, Connie Fezell! She is the one who taught me much about planting flowers. She has the green thumb and I don’t. She has the knowledge that I don’t. She has the expertise that I’m far from. She has the love that I am still acquiring to take care of flowers!

So, the more I weed, the more weeds show up! At least that’s the way it feels to me! Since I’m all about “feelings” (because I’m a woman) weeding feels like a tedious work! For some people, like Connie, dealing with plants is a therapy. Not for me! It feels much like “punishment.”
Anyway, as I was weeding away, I was thinking about all the weeding God has done and continues to do in my life! And that reminds me of my own prayer this morning. I asked God to prune me, and to take off everything that displeases Him. That’s a dangerous prayer, right?

Weeding a garden is tedious and painful to my body! So is weeding my soul! Yes, it is tedious and painful! Tedious, because it is an ongoing task - until Jesus comes back. That’s why we say “Maranatha!” And painful, because it is NOT fun when the Lord points out  sin that you have committed lately or during all your lifetime (more than half a century, in my case). It hurts to get rid of stuff that you used for so long. It hurts to get rid of habits that you developed during your lifetime. It hurts!
But, what keeps you moving is the thought of the end result! At the end of the day, the flower garden looks clean and beautiful! Ready for another season! Ready to be admired and appreciated! Even ready to receive more flowers in the spaces that once were filled with weeds. It is the same with our lives. Once we get rid of sin, we can fill up the empty space with the Word of God, with love, with respect, with beauty!!!!!!

Maintenance of a flower garden reminds me of maintenance of a “soul garden.” If we let go of our flower gardens, the weeds take over. The same happens with our soul gardens. If we let go of it, sins will take over! Those bad habits that are so easy to acquire will creep in and control your life! Watch for those weeds! Let the "Gardener" week your "garden" for you!

Neide Colson.

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