terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2014


I am home, Bruce is home, JC is home, and now Victoria is home! We are all home, living together, for a couple of weeks until Jonathan moves into his dorm for the semester (right here in town)! It has been a long 4 years since we last lived together. We were all in Brazil when Jonathan and us decided that he should come to the US. Then, the following year, Victoria told us that the Lord was sending her to Casper, WY (which He confirmed to us). We were very sad in Brazil without our children. We finally decided to relocate - yet again!

A year and a half in Casper, WY was a blessed time! But, now, once again, we relocated to Johnson City, TN. I know, I know, we are “pursuing” our children, much like God, the Father, pursues us! We love our children more than anything in this world (second to God, only). We love them unconditionally, much like God, the Father, loves us!

We came ahead to move into our new “home!” We came ahead to prepare the house for our family, much like Jesus, the Son, went ahead to prepare us a place in heaven. It is not the most expensive home in town, by any means. It does not have the most expensive furniture, that’s for sure! It does not have the most modern equipment, but it is OUR home! In this home there is much love going around. There is much laughter all the time. There is an open arm and forgiveness daily.

My heart rejoices and is filled with gladness to see my children back under one roof! I feel like I’m a chicken with its chicks under her wings, much like Jesus takes care of his “little chicks.” I have come to realize how much I love my husband and my children all over again! I experienced depression when they all left the nest and now I experience extreme joy to have them come back.

I know this won’t last forever, but now they will fly the coup because they will get married. That, to a Brazilian Mom, feels more natural, feels right!
Thank you, Jesus, for paying the price for me!
Thank you, Father, for loving me unconditionally!
Thank you, Holy Spirit, for patiently working on my character!       

Neide Colson
Johnson City, TN.
July 29th, 2014.

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