quinta-feira, 10 de julho de 2014



Great Results!
Great total of friends!
Between true friends and the ones not so true,
I have 122 sincere and loving friends!
(I say this with a smile on my face. Just kidding, really!:)

Thank you for all your words!
Thank you for your love!
Thank you, all Facebook friends, who sent me a word of encouragement!
Thank you to those friends who sent me am inbox message!
Thank you to those who sent me pictures and flowers (via Facebook).

I had the day that I really wanted to have had.
I did exactly that which I wanted to do: practically nothing! Ha!
Did my nails, shopped in a beautiful store and bought only a few little things.
Had a beautiful lunch that my men grilled.
Laid on the couch for most of the afternoon.
Received and responded to love messages.
Organized and took more pictures!
Talked to people who I love dearly!
Received love from precious people!
Laughed a lot and did not receive any bad news!
And, most importantly, I was affirmed by my Father in Heaven!
The Abba, Father!
My true Father.
The one who desired me, planned me, conceived me and gave me life!
He had me born in this world and in the spiritual one, too!
He made me who I am, he formed my personality and continues to form my character!
He called me and redeemed me.
He has healed me and still saves me every day!
To Him, be all the glory, the praise,
The admiration and the adoration!

Neide Colson.


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