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WEDDINGS - Who doesn't enjoy them?

On my recent visit to Brazil, I had the privilege of attending two weddings. Both were beautiful and special! Each one had its own characteristics, decorations, food and different personalities! Personally, I love going to weddings! I have always enjoyed that!

Earlier this morning I was reading a friend's blog and felt inspired to write about "weddings"/marriages.

I've had other experiences in my life.  To some weddings I was almost "forced" to go, but they didn't bring me any joy. On the other hand, other weddings gave me such a joy, it almost unbearable. So, I stopped to think of why some weddings make me happy and others don't.

I know this is a controversial theme these days, even in the church of Jesus Christ. The Church is constantly changing, adjusting, re-adapting, molding and conforming itself to the patterns of this world. We almost can't tell the difference between the church and the world. Marriage and divorce happen almost at the same rate. Re-marriages and re-divorces (if there is such a thing, or such a word) also happen at the same speed. 

Both weddings that I attended in Brazil were the types that brought me joy. The first one was a similar situation as mine. A pastor, whose wife had passed away 2 years ago, was marrying one of his "sheep". Many memories came to mind. We (the attendees) witnessed to the many struggles that the couple had gone through to get to that moment and the great joy of getting married with the blessing of both families and their spiritual leaders. The party that followed was a big celebration!

The second wedding was simply amazing! It was amazing because I knew the bride and the groom better. I know they were two young people full of energy, joy and the desire of serving the Lord! As single people, they already served the Lord. Now they are going to do that together! Both, bride and groom had a commitment to sanctification - before and now, after married. The attendees witnessed an eternal mystery - God's institution of marriage! What a beautiful party! What a celebration! It made me think of how is our final celebration going to be - when the groom (Jesus) will come back for His pure and beautiful bride! What a "dream"! What a "reality"! What a "mystery"!

Recently I also watched the video of a friend's son's wedding, here in the States. There are two other young ladies in my church who are preparing to get married this Summer. So...... weddings are beautiful and wonderful parties! We need to continue believing in it and doing our part to maintain this institution the purest and most holy as possible. We cannot "conform to the patterns of this world", but we should be "transformed by the renewing of our minds". We ought not to accept less than what God has designed and planned for our lives.

May God bless you, dear friend! May your marriage glorify the Lord! May your children's marriages do the same! And may we, His Church, keep ourselves pure to receive the groom when He comes back. Maranatha!

Neide Colson.

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